Since you are a dog lover, you have a couple of good pooches around you most of the time. You know how much care they need and you understand how they depend on you for this. As you depend on them for comfort, friendship, emotional wellness, fun for you and the family, and so much more, you will need to return in kind with good food and care so your dogs look and feel their best.

If you have ever seen a dog that is not taken care of, it gets very bad and your heart goes out to them. In fact, if it were ever a measured statistic, it would seem that a huge amount of dog owners have gotten at least one rescue dog in their lives. The condition an abandoned dog can get into is horrifying. They don’t do well without people to take care of them. If they are left this way for too long, they become feral.

To get the dog cleaned up for health, there will be many tools needed from soap to gloves, ear medicine, dog nail clippers, shaving sheers, trimming sheers, and more. Between the vet and the groomer, this dog is going to get a complete overhaul. You still might be wondering what the big deal is about nail clippers?

dog nail clippers

When dogs have nails that are too long, it can impede their ability to move properly. The long nails also make for big, nasty scratches on you while the dog is excitedly saying “hello.” You can easily hear the tapping of dog feet when they are on hard surfaces. The louder that tapping gets, the sooner the clipping must come. For larger dogs, keep in mind that you will need stronger clippers than you would need for small dogs.

If you do not make a big deal out of doing the nail trimming, your dogs will also learn to be relaxed with it. Some dogs even get to a point where they like it if they are well-trained and promised a nice treat following the deed. After awhile, it will be easy for you to do the clipping whenever it is needed. Do not be too surprised if some dogs, especially puppies, do not like the nail clippers.